Yamato, a manufacturer of kimono textiles since 1917 and located in Kanda, has collaborated with Isetan department store, which also started off selling kimono textiles in Kanda in 1886, to open a pop-up event of men’s yukatas. The event is open until July 5th at Isetan Shinjuku Men’s Building (1F).

As part of the collaboration, a new brand named “Y.I & SONS” has emerged, bringing together the logo of one of Yamato’s brands “Y. & SONS”, which introduces the feathers of a hawk, and the family crest depicting three oak leaves of Isetan founder Tanji Kosuge.

The layout of the event was handled by interior designer Kazuya Sasaki, who was also in charge of the interior design of the Y. & SONS store located close to Kanda Shrine. Stylist Tsuyoshi Nimura selected items sold at Isetan Shinjuku Men’s Building and styled them with the yukatas for the event. Ramie kimonos are also on sale.

“Knowing that we have the same roots, I feel that we were destined to work together. Our company also considered moving into the department store business at one point. This event is very important to us since it’s an opportunity for us to present our designs to the global market,” explained the brand rep for Y. & SONS.

Nimura said that he selected a variety of items such as hats, clutch and tote bags, scarves and rings to go with the yukata styles. He wasn’t aiming for the unconventional, he just genuinely selected items that went well with the yukata designs.

A rep from Isetan added that the aim was to propose Japanese and international tastes together, rather than as two separate elements.