As part of its initiative to introduce the charms of Japan to the rest of the world, Isetan Mitsukoshi has launched its latest project involving Instagram and trendsetters. The company called to 14-year-old Mappy, a popular Japanese fashion blogger, who has over 100,000 followers on her Instagram account.

For the project, Mappy will post onto her Instagram account using the hash tag “#_this is japan” to introduce the fascinating aspects of Japan. The images that Mappy posts with the hash tag will be used as visuals for Isetan Mitsukoshi’s campaigns, websites and official Instagram account (thisisjapan.isetanmitsukoshi).

Mappy is also the featured model for Ginza Mitsukoshi department store’s banner ad, where she is seen wearing a self-styled outfit under the “This is Japan” concept. In the ad, Mappy is wearing a white dress designed by Marc Jacobs and white clog boots. She told us that she rarely wears high fashion outfits, but she perfected the look and made it her own.

Starting next month, Pei Ketron, Simone Bramante, Sam Horine, Gareth Pon and Laura E. Pritchett will join Mappy in Isetan Mitsukoshi’s This is Japan project involving Instagram.