In 2011, Isetan Mitsukoshi launched the project “Japan Senses” as a means to communicate the charms and beauty of Japanese culture. Since, the group has collaborated with a variety of famous brands and product designers to create high quality and innovative made in Japan items.

In preparation of its fifth year, the project sent Isetan Mitsukoshi buyers to Setouchi, Okayama and surrounding areas last October to create the collections of the group’s private brands for women’s and children’s clothing.

Until recently, pop-up events (ended on Apr 5) introducing collaboration items between Isetan Mitsukoshi and factories/ateliers of the Setouchi area were held.

Here are some of the items that were showcased.

■Denim Jacket and Jeans from Street Brand “1411”

Isetan Mitsukoshi’s original street brand “1411” presented trendy denim jackets and jeans. The items were made in collaboration with the denim factory 241 CO. located in Kojima district of Okayama. To date, the factory has produced 3 million pair of jeans in 15,000 styles, and created the products for the Japan Senses project to perfection. The stonewashed textiles even have an elegant quality.

■Lugha’s Fashionable Jeans

Isetan Mitsukoshi’s original brand “Lugha” from the select shop ReStyle, is designed under the concept of “clothes defined by its wearer”, and presented a style of jeans with special processing. With cooperation from YUtoRi18 and 241 CO., both located in Kojima district of Okayama, the jeans were created using distressed details and wash processing.

■Awa Ai Dyed Shirt from “Ready for the Weekend”

Isetan’s Ready for the Weekend, a brand targeting women with independent and sophisticated styles, created a shirt dyed by hand, using the Japanese indigo dye known as Awa Ai, which is produced in Tokushima. Through wear, the texture and color of the shirt changes, allowing wearers to enjoy the design at every stage. Ready for the Weekend also collaborated with “Tokyo Dress”, a brand which has been using Awa Ai for its designs since 2015.

■Life & Style Presents a Collection of Comfortable Denim

Life & Style, which presents basic items for women, collaborated with Kaihara, Japan’s top denim mill located in Fukuyama, Hiroshima. Kaihara began as a manufacturer of bingo kasuri cotton fabrics and switched to denim manufacturing in the 1960s. The quality of the denim produced by Kaihara is top-class, and the company works with many brands from around the world. Using the textiles created by Kaihara, comfortable dresses and jeans for daily use were designed under the Life & Style brand.