On Mar 28, singer-songwriter Yumi Matsutoya and Japanese fashion brand Anrealage’s designer Kunihiko Morinaga got together for a talk session in commemoration of Anrealage’s pop-up event named “Flower Shop” at Isetan Shinjuku department store. The topic of the session was fashion and music.

“I conceived the idea of creating invisible flowers that would only appear when light was shone onto them. The images I had of the flowers led me to Yumi Matsutoya, which is why I asked her to be the special guest of this event,” explained Morinaga.

Matsutoya made her appearance at Isetan Shinjuku with her famous song “Haru-yo, Koi”, a song welcoming spring, and clad in a gold sukajan jacket, bought in Paris, decorated with embroideries of tigers and pink flowers. Underneath, she wore a floral print T-shirt introducing the colors vermilion, yellow and pink. The crowd applauded with enthusiasm as Matsutoya made her entrance.

Matsutoya smiled when she saw that Morinaga had also chosen to wear a sukajan jacket for the occasion. “It’s not like we planned this. Perhaps our tastes are quite similar,” she said.

“The black sukajan I’m wearing today is something I created for Anrealage’s latest collection. The theme of the collection is ‘reflect’. I reversed the original design when placing it onto the jacket so that when light was shone onto the fabric, the initial design would be reflected as an image,” Morinaga added.

When asked about his views on fashion, Morinaga continued that, “When designing clothes, I create a concept to work off of. Everything I design is based on this concept, which comes before the process of creating beautiful forms. As a result, I’m able to produce unimagined and interesting pieces. This season’s theme is ‘reflect’, which is how I came up with the concept of creating reflections of certain shapes and materials and altering the way designs are perceived. The forms, materials and colors were chosen in line with the concept”.

“I agree. In order to create songs that will last, I set a clear vision, and then add artistic touches,” said Matsutoya.

“If I try to design something using last season’s theme, I think I will end up creating something completely new. What stimulates me changes in each moment, and so even if the concept remains the same, my perception is continuously changing”, said Morinaga.

Matsutoya added, “What you say about time applies to music as well. Songs define a certain moment in someone’s life, so depending on who is listening or when the song is being played, the same song will have a different effect”.

On the relationship of fashion and music, Morinaga offered that, “Clothes and songs are both ambiguous. As for clothes, I think that their images are recreated each time they catch the eyes of people”.

To this, Matsutoya said, “I think there is a story behind each piece of clothing. Be it the memory of the situation where the clothing was worn, or the memory of meeting someone in a particular outfit. With songs, it’s possible to reach the hearts of the listeners because it’s not just the lyrics that they hear, they also sense the souls of the people that created the songs”.

The talk session was held without notice, but nevertheless, over a hundred people gathered to greet the superstar Matsutoya and one of fashion’s hottest designers, Morinaga.