Today, the subsidiary of Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings, Mammina Co., Ltd., debuted a lineup of accessories designed by internationally famous Anna Sui and Keita Maruyama. The two designers have each launched a new brand focusing on accessories. Items designed by the two made appearances at nearly 40 stores managed by the Isetan Mitsukoshi group.

With images of travel and resorts in mind, Anna Sui launched her new brand named “The Souvenir Shop Anna Sui”. Sui designed a collection of accessories that are useful for travel or great choices as gifts to be brought back from travels. Small-sized cosmetic cases (1,500 yen to 2,300 yen), T-shirts (4,900 yen), hand towels (600 yen), backpacks (6,900 yen), shoulder bags (size S 3,900 yen / size M 4,900 yen) and more are in store.

Keita Maruyama presented his new brand under the name “The Flower Stand Keita Maruyama”. He introduces the concept of decorating everyday life with flowers and used graphics and embroideries from his past collections to create gift items and sundries for daily use. Art direction was handled by 7graphic&Co.

The debut collection introduces cosmetic cases made of canvas (size M 2,500 yen / oval-shape 2,900 yen), mask cases decorated with prints (1,600 yen), tote bags with prints (size M 8,000 yen / size L 9,000 yen) and more. For its first season, the brand collaborated with fashion director / illustrator Daichi Miura to design lunch bag totes (2,000 yen) and iPhone 6 cases (3,500 yen).

The two brands “The Souvenir Shop Anna Sui” and “The Flower Stand Keita Maruyama” will also make their debut at Isetan Haneda Store (Ladies) Terminal 1 soon.