On Feb 17, Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi department store launched its original Japanese luxury brand “SEKItoWA”, on the first floor men’s section, as well as the “Gallery LIFE MINING”, lining up Japanese interior items, on the fifth floor.

The name SEKItoWA is derived from the Japanese words seki, meaning multiplication, and wa, meaning addition. The new shop space proposes fresh ideas and beautiful items, which are also easy to use.

The products are categorized into two main themes: Kyoto Miyabi (meaning elegance and refinement and Edo Iki (meaning simplicity and sophistication). For the year 2016, gold leaves embody the Miyabi theme, presenting crafts, clothing and lifestyle items designed with gold and silver leaf artist Hiroto Rakusho. The lineup includes Asahiyaki mugs (23,000 yen each), Nakagawa Mokkougei designed champagne coolers (300,000 yen each) and sake cups (49,000 yen each). The Iki theme, expressed using Aizome (indigo dyeing), lines up sneakers made of a specific type of leather called sukumo, dyed with indigo, (160,000 yen/pair), card cases (16,000 yen each) and jeans (39,000 yen/pair).

“We want to continue to be the type of store that explores different realms to maximize creativity. We’re not looking to sell all types of products. Rather, we want to propose items that are special and deep in meaning. Our new brand SEKItoWA falls under this concept. Japan made products are grand and often the best in the world. These are the types of products we want to line up at Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi”, explained the store manager.

Traditional Japanese foods, tableware and interior items in line with the four seasons are being sold at the Gallery LIFE MINING on the fifth floor. Crafts created by both experienced and up-and-coming artisans are in store. The selected products can be enjoyed by various types of customer groups that favor Japanese aesthetics. A pop-up space focusing on lifestyles with flowers is currently open at the gallery until Mar 15. Nearly 300 items relating to flower arrangements including one-of-a-kind and rare items and vases designed by Kentaro Senuma are available.

Tokyo Teshigoto, a project organized by the Tokyo Metropolitan Small and Medium Enterprise Support Center, will open its space within the Gallery LIFE MINING on Mar 30, presenting a collection of Edo Kiriko cut glass, sake sets made of silver, rings designed by Tokyo Shippou, Edo Sarasa pocket squares, Japanese hand towels and garment brushes.