The Bijuu hotel located in Shijo-Kawaramachi of Kyoto, with the view of Higashiyama and Kamo River, opened in 2014 and is managed by the Murakami Jyu Honten, a specialty store of Japanese pickles with a 180-year history. The name “Bijuu” was derived from the Japanese words meaning beauty, art, culture and fine dining. This hotel only has two rooms and so can only accommodate two groups at once.

One of the rooms is a suite located on the fifth floor. The room is characterized by the spacious stone bath tub situated in the center. A glass door separates the bathroom from the roomy bedroom. The entire suite is 114 square meters in size and is installed with an indoor bedrock bath.

Designer Teruhiro Yanagihara led the renovation of the suite, which took place under the concept of “layering beauty”. He made the most of the materials that were already available and combined them with wood, brick and stones to create a modern setting. The suite is decorated with Arita porcelain designed by Yanagihara and seasonal flowers. A wine cellar stocked with organic wine and an aromatherapy diffuser are also equipped.

The deluxe room on the third floor has a built-in kitchen and is suitable for long stays and for large families. The walls made of plaster together with wooden pieces create a relaxed feeling. The 2-m bath is designed so that the bathers can rest in a reclining position or float in the water with ease.

Guests staying in either of the rooms are served traditional Japanese breakfasts accompanied with the pickles made by Murakami Jyu Honten. Breakfast menus can be changed to Western or vegan choices upon request.

“None of the staff at Bijuu have worked in the hotel industry before. That’s why we are able to see the business from the eyes of the customers and create pleasurable hotel services for our guests”, explained one of the staff, who had previously worked in Paris, in the fashion industry. The pajamas available to the guests are made of the finest cotton, master seed, which has a texture similar to silk, a selection based on the staff’s experiences in fashion.

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