Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings will make its first appearance at the international fashion accessories exhibit “Premiere Classe”, to open on Jan 22 in Paris, France.

The company will showcase a collection of shoes designed by Japanese brands such as Facetasm and Newneu. Artificial leather shoes created using the latest technologies of Japanese companies Toray and Kuraray will also go on exhibit.

A buyer of women’s shoes at Isetan Mitsukoshi revealed that, “We began to design shoes under our own private brand in 2011 and have learned the know-how of shoes making from Japanese companies as well as manufacturers in Italy and Spain. We want buyers from around the world to see our designs, and most of all, how comfortable our made in Japan shoes are”.

“Shoes are an integral part of fashion. We teamed up with Facetasm for Tokyo Fashion Week last October to start a new trend of shoes styles and also to create high quality items based on both of our expertise”, added the buyer. The collaboration with Facetasm will continue into the A/W season of 2016.

Isetan Mitsukoshi will also work with designers selected for the creative team Creators Tokyo, an initiative providing financial backup to young designers.

In regard to the project with Toray and Kuraray, the buyer explained that, “Nowadays, artificial leather is becoming close to the real thing in texture and design. It is also waterproof and strong against dirt. We want to propose artificial leather as a new material for future shoe design”.

The women’s shoes section at Isetan Shinjuku department store sells nearly 60,000 pairs of shoes annually from its private brand collection. Isetan Shinjuku also plays the role of an OEM, and will distribute its products from this year to five Japanese department stores that are a part of the All Nippon Department Stores Development Organization (ADO). “Our network is expanding, and the benefit of creating our own products is that, we can design items with flexibility, to meet the current needs of our customers. We also gain direct knowledge about the shoes manufacturing industry”.