In celebration of the 60th birthday of jewelry designer Osamu Shudo, winner of this year’s Medal with Yellow Ribbon, Tokyo Midtown holds the designer’s first solo exhibit. Open from today until the 8th of December at Isetan Salone.

“I always dreamed of holding my first and last solo exhibit at the age of 60,” explained Shudo. The exhibit showcases 17 new designs along with 29 precious items from the designer’s personal collection.

There are many fans of Shudo’s works as he is considered to be an expert craftsman of high end jewelry. He also holds top-grade national qualifications for his skills and has been awarded with the gold medal at past National Skills Competitions.

Shudo’s pieces are sublime and resemble art pieces, and at the same time, possess the warmth of the artist’s personality. The picture series introducing natural motifs such as leaves, the intricate instrument series and the adorable animal series are among the collection being exhibited at Isetan Salone.

Concurrently, Isetan Salone exhibits the tableware collection “Franck Muller Future Form” and Chloe’s exclusive Christmas collection.