The recently renovated home interior floor (7F) of Ginza Mitsukoshi department store is off to a great start. The section dubbed “Japan Edition”, lining up a variety of products such as arts, interior items and ceramics representing Japanese beauty, is particularly popular among customers. Sales revenues of this section are expected to exceed the previous year by 70%, and the average spending per customer is twice that of last year.

“Our customers have been telling us that the new Japan Edition section is easier to navigate and has an exciting lineup of products. The 70% increase in revenues is partly coming from the sales of the tableware presented by brands, but 40% of the total is coming from our new section selling fashionable interior accessories. Half of our customers spend over 50,000 yen at once, and high-end items priced at 500,000 yen or more are selling well”, explained the sales manager.

Fashionable interior accessories are one-of-a-kind figures and objet d'art selected by buyers, which are usually only seen inside the showcases of exhibits and galleries. Sales from the artworks alone account for nearly three times the projected target, and the idea of lining up the artworks with tableware and tea utensils was what sparked the customers’ interests.

“We have many customers visiting the store from other parts of Japan. As a whole, male customers are on the rise. Also, the number of international shoppers has risen by 230% in comparison to the previous year and accounts for nearly 40% of total sales”. Figures designed by the artist Haruo Mitsuta are favored by tourists from the US and Europe and tourists from China are spending their money on silverware and artworks. The kimono salon moved from the M2 floor is also popular. With new customers increasing, the total sales of the floor are expected to rise by 40%, when compared to last year.

Wooden aroma diffusers made of Japanese hinoki and the sound system on the floor help to create an atmosphere both attractive and calming to shoppers.

Text: Tatsuya Noda