The fifth floor men’s clothing area of Ginza Mitsukoshi department store opened its remodeled floors on Oct 7. Fashion Headline interviewed the manager on the floor about the new concept of proposing business styles for Ginza gentlemen.

Fashion Headline (FH): What kind of style defines the Ginza gentleman?

The Ginza gentleman is refined, polite and understands the society he surrounds himself in. He also knows how to play with fashion, which is why the clothing proposed on this floor has a unique touch and playful side. This aspect of our floor makes us different from the floors of Isetan Shinjuku and Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi. The styles are quite basic, but the colors are trendy.

FH: Ginza Mitsukoshi’s most recent renewal places importance on Ginza styles, namely Japanese fashion.

Japanese styles will be emphasized through events and the focus on new and trendy.

FH: Is it easier to market the store to international shoppers by using Japanese fashion as an angle?

Yes. For example, we focus on events during Chinese national holidays to greet our customers from China. Many of our Asian customers place high importance on quality, and if the products are made in Japan, they see that as a plus. Instead of marketing the brand names, we try to propose the products based on design and functionality.

FH: Are there any differences between the sensibilities of Japanese and international shoppers?

There are some differences, but not really. Rather, we see more and more international shoppers who have a keen eye for fashionable items. We see customers from China coming to our store to purchase shoes from Santoni and Magnanni.

FH: What kind of impact has the renewal taking place in 2010 had on the store’s sales?

Since then, Ginza Mitsukoshi’s sales are producing double-digit growth each year. Revenue from international shoppers is allowing us to exceed our sales targets substantially and accounts for 20 to 30% of total sales.

FH: Other department stores in the Ginza area are renewing their men’s fashion floors. Also, the city of Ginza itself is undergoing redevelopment which means more competition for Ginza Mitsukoshi. What is the long-term strategy for the men’s fashion floor?

Under our concept of the “Ginza gentleman”, we plan to provide the best products, environment and services. By understanding the clientele, we will offer new items and display them in our own unique way so that the shoppers can enjoy coming here.

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