The fifth floor men’s clothing area of Ginza Mitsukoshi department store opened its remodeled floors on Oct 7. This is the second large scale renewal since the last which took place 5 years ago. Since then, Ginza Mitsukoshi’s sales are producing double-digit growth each year.

The manager on the floor specializing in gentlemen’s clothing talked about the details of the renewal project.

Fashion Headline (FH): What were the major changes which took place during the renewal in 2010?

Prior to 2010, many of the customers came to Ginza Mitsukoshi because they were big fans of our store. We had customers traveling from other parts of Japan just to shop here. Another thing to note is that female customers would come to our floor to purchase items for their partners etc. After the renewal in 2010, we saw an increase in the number of male shoppers, who came to Ginza Mitsukoshi in search of unique and high quality fashion items. The age of the people coming to the store was lowered to the forties and fifties as well, and many of the customers came with their families. Now, many of our customers live close to the Ginza area. In the past, men used to purchase items based on the opinions of their wives, but now they are selecting clothing based on their own tastes.

FH: So the new customer target has had an influence on the most recent renewal correct?

Yes. We came up with the concept of the “Ginza gentleman”. We focused on lining up high quality items that men could wear for business scenes anywhere in the world.

FH: How is the floor structured?

On the floor, we have a section called the “Ginza Closet”, where our stylists help our customers find items that look great on them. A table is set up in the center of the space to allow customers to style items with the stylist. Another section, the “Ginza Dress Up Salon”, lines up made-to-measure suits and shirts. The stylists here ask the customers what they are looking for and create the looks on the spot. Eighteen torsos display the latest styles, while a monitor screens movies from the seventies depicting classic suit styles and fashion books are arrayed as references.

FH: Is the entire floor set up like a lounge?

We have the “Ginza Gentlemen’s Lounge”, which selects stationary, cameras and other items for hobbies. At the same time, we offer services such as barbering and shoe-polishing services. Pop-up events, order sessions, presentations of collections and seminars are organized in the promotion space.

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