The Ginza Contemporary section, located on the M5 floor of Ginza Mitsukoshi department store, revealed its remodeled floors on Sept 30. The revamped floor presents clothing under the concept of “beauty and elegance”, with the customer target being women, who either live or work in the Ginza area.

The floor is divided into two main categories: “Daily Rich” and “Dress Up”.

The Daily Rich area lines up Ginza Mitsukoshi selected items at the shop space “Mixury” as well as clothing from Theory Luxe and Mackintosh London. Fashion brands Adore, Beige, Precious-Mix, Filo di Seta and Sybilla are among the lineup at Mixury. In the area, Theory Luxe presents a black dress with paisley floral patterns that create a textured finish. The design is limited to Ginza Mitsukoshi department store.

The Dress Up area presents a lineup of contemporary dresses that go well with semi-formal dinners. In this area, Leilian presents items from its urban collection. The Lanvin Collection selects a number of dresses that follow the essence of the brand’s Paris collections. Tae Ashida presents elegant and modern town and formal wear for women working in Ginza. Skirts and dresses decorated with irregular hems and pleats are presented from Epoca. The brand lines up a Ginza Mitsukoshi limited knit dress from Oct 14.

The new rich living in neighboring areas like to visit Ginza on their bicycles as part of family outings. For them, Ginza is a part of their daily lives, a place that they can visit at ease. The new M5 floor also aims to line up everyday items for such families.