Fashionable stoles decorated with motifs of Kabuki theatre have made their debut at Ginza Mitsukoshi department store. The stoles were designed in partnership with Marumasu, Shochiku and Ginza Mitsukoshi, all three companies with a history exceeding a century.

The stoles are available in two designs and three colors each. The first design introduces a photo of the first Kabuki Theatre and the second, the architectural drawing of the current fifth Kabuki Theatre. The material of the stoles is very lightweight, making the stoles the perfect gift item for travelers.

In the same area, stoles designed in collaboration with Muveil designer Michiko Nakayama present butterfly and cherry motifs. A fedora hat is also on sale from Muveil.

In addition, hats designed by Mariko Taniguchi (designer of Modiste) and Misa Harada are lined up. Stoles designed by Fil D'araignee are available as well.