The updated women’s fashion floor of Ginza Mitsukoshi department store (4F) includes a mix of high fashion brands such as Comme des Garcons, Maison Margiela, Alexander McQueen, Sacai and Burberry.

It is the first time for Ginza Mitsukoshi to line up items from avant-garde brands such as Maison Margiela and Alexander McQueen.

The “4th of Ginza” section, taking its name from Ginza Mitsukoshi’s address Ginza 4-chome, presents a selection of trendy brands such as Acne Studios, Numero Ventuno, Akira Naka and Mame.

The manager of the fourth floor explained, “As with the third floor, the focus of the fourth floor is trendy fashion. However, our products are targeted towards high end clients. We want our customers to use the floor as a one-stop shop to purchase luxury products. We were careful about selecting the type of items that would attract customers with a keen eye for fashion and style”.

The customers are not limited to domestic ones, and many of the international shoppers are fond of global fashion brands, which is why the mix of brand names is varied.

“We were able to work with all the brands that we’d hoped for. It seems that the favorable performance of our store these past five years have paid off,” continued the manager.

Prior to the large-scale renewal, which took place five years ago, Ginza Mitsukoshi was trying to overcome the fact that its customers were not spending enough time at the store. With the past renewal being a success, Ginza Mitsukoshi proved to fashion brands that it could attract all types of customers visiting the city. That is why many popular fashion brands decided to work with Ginza Mitsukoshi for the most recent renewal, which took place last month.

“Nowadays, the number of people being referred to as ‘fashion freaks’ have decreased. Clothes are a part of daily life, and it’s not something that has to have a dramatic impact on someone’s lifestyle. It’s important to understand the lifestyles of our customers and recommend the clothing that is suitable to each person”.

For example, many of the shoppers who visit the fourth floor like to purchase Jo Malone fragrances. Instead of wearing one scent, the recent trend is to combine several fragrances. The staffs that work on the fourth floor regularly visit the Jo Malone shop located on the first basement floor of Ginza Mitsukoshi to learn about the latest techniques and products.

“The impact on sales is not noticeable right away, but these small efforts make our store unique and an enjoyable place to shop. I hope that soon enough, people will see our floor as one intergrated brand, where they can find everything that they are looking for”.

The whole city of Ginza is undergoing development, and many commercial facilities in the area are updating their sales spaces. Ginza Mitsukoshi has planned its recent renovation with the mission of becoming the type of store that sells high quality products to customers that are looking for the right kind of item.