In line with the renewal of the thriving cosmetics floor of Ginza Mitsukoshi department store, which took place on Sept 16, a new magazine named the “Ginza Style Beauty” made its debut.

Ginza Style Beauty’s main purpose is to market the products being sold on the floor, but the contents are worthwhile, with Isetan Mitsukoshi’s cosmetics buyer Kinaka Sato welcoming makeup artists and other guests to provide their experiences and opinions to the content of the magazine.

For example, on the topic of cosmetics products which promote beauty, an interview with a makeup artist was carried out. The catchphrase of the magazine’s first issue is “From Ginza to the Rest of the World”. The issue introduces the latest products such as makeup, skin care products, fragrances and hair care items from the selection of brands updated along with the renewal of the floor.

“The packaging of cosmetics products of international brands is refined, eye-catching and stylish. As for Japanese brands, the designs are simple and modest. Japanese products may not stand out in the international market, but according to beauty specialists, Japanese cosmetic products are very high in quality. We want to play a role in communicating the charms of such Japanese cosmetics,” said Sato.

The primary target of Ginza Mitsukoshi's cosmetics floor is female customers in their thirties and forties.