On Sept 16, Ginza Mitsukoshi department store revealed the remodeled third floor, which specializes in women’s fashion. With the revamping of the floor, the department store aims to capture the interests of its changing clientele.

With the redevelopment of Ginza on its way, including the opening of the new Kabuki Theater, the number of overseas customers visiting Ginza Mitsukoshi has been increasing these past 2 to 3 years. Also, the number of people living in the area has risen, due to the development of nearby neighborhoods. Of this population, customers in their thirties to forties have grown in number.

The aforementioned customer group is not focused on a particular brand and likes to select items from a variety of brands for their actual value as opposed to image. The renovated third floor of Ginza Mitsukoshi has selected a number of Japanese and international brands from the perspective of Tokyo and Ginza, to provide an accommodating lineup of items that the customers can enjoy selecting from.

The floor is categorized into two main sections. The first focuses on Japanese brands such as Facetasm, Miharayasuhiro and Taro Horiuchi, brands which are new to Ginza Mitsukoshi. The second section focuses on the latest collections of global brands.

The biggest change from before the renewal is the increase in the number of brands and fashion styles. The customer target group enjoys mixing a number of styles from different brands, which is how the overall concept was conceived.

“Previously, many of our customers had a personal style which they stuck to, but now we are seeing that the customers like to continue trying new trends regardless of their age,” explained the sales manager on the floor.

Another highlight is the selection of sneakers, which totals to 150 types. Prior to the renewal, Ginza Mitsukoshi did not offer sneakers from sports brands such as Nike and New Balance, but in line with the recent trend of mixing feminine styles with sporty items, this new area has been created.

“We also want to show that fashion is not just about materialistic ‘things’. We want to show how fashion plays a bigger role in our lives not by simply providing an exciting lineup of clothes from trendy brands, but also introducing the stories behind each product,” added Yuko Ohara, manager of the sales area named “Le Place”.

As part of this new initiative, a new stage dubbed the “Japanese Communication Stage” has been set up to introduce the stories behind the design of the clothes. To kick off the project, photos taken by the designers of Coohem and Yuumi Aria were exhibited from Sept 16. Decorating the sales space with photos taken by the designers creating the clothes being sold allows customers to see a new side of the creative process. Ginza Mitsukoshi aims to produce an intriguing commercial space with surprising elements.

The second focus of Ginza Mitsukoshi is to provide customer service that meets the needs of the clientele visiting the city. Many of the female customers that shop at Ginza Mitsukoshi are very interested in the fabrics and the way each garment is made, which is why the department store’s staffs are proactively introducing the way each items has been created. Staffs that speak multiple languages are also on the floor to assist international shoppers.