Five years ago, when the cosmetics floor of Ginza Mitsukoshi department store underwent a large-scale renovation, the floor targeted to sell 5 billion yen a year, and last year the floor managed to sell 8.9 billion, far exceeding expectations. The thriving cosmetics floor has gone through another large-scale renovation this year, opening its renewed floor on Sept 16. Fashion Headline interviewed cosmetics buyer Kinaka Sato about the renovation.

“To keep up with growing sales, we needed to overcome issues with the commercial space and how it was set up. We also wanted to update our cosmetics lineup, including the brands we offered. We focused on lining up the latest cosmetics so that customers could visit our store and always discover something new,” Sato explained.

“From a global perspective, Japan=Ginza, so we were conscious of the role we play in the shopping choices of customers who come to Ginza from around the world.”

“As part of the Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings group, we took into consideration the motto, ‘This is Japan’. Our primary target is female customers in their thirties and forties, and we want to offer products that make them most beautiful,” she continued.

The main feature of the floor is the Japan Beauty section which lines up products from leading Japanese cosmetics brands. In addition to makeup items, hair care items and appliances are also being sold. Previously, this floor also sold accessories, but after the renewal, the accessories floor has been moved up to the first floor, allowing cosmetics to dominate the entire first basement floor. Popular overseas cosmetic brands are also available including Burberry, Nars and Jill Stuart.

When you enter the cosmetics floor from the entrance connected to the Tokyo Metro, the upgraded fragrance corner greets customers with alluring scents. The store plans to publish its own beauty magazine to distribute to customers and strives to continue the growing of its sales.