On Sept 16, Isetan Shinjuku department store launched its autumn shopping fair. In line with this, Isetan Girl located on the second floor, opened an event focusing on Japanese kawaii culture.

The event focuses on Japanese school uniforms, which are becoming increasingly popular overseas for their cute styles. For the event, fashion brands Jenny Fax, Paul & Joe Sister, Honey Bunch Mutual, Girly Rose, Pink House Chelsea and Baby Mary present their latest uniform styles.

On the opening day, Reika Sakurai and Marika Ito of the idol girl group Nogizaka 46 visited the event and posed as models wearing the uniforms designed by the participating six brands. As part of Isetan’s campaign, a movie featuring members of Nogizaka 46 wearing uniforms was also created.

After the fashion show, Sakurai revealed that her favorite uniform style was the dress designed by Girly Rose. “I love the lace ribbon accentuating the overall design. The design is simple and easy to wear, which makes me want to run around energetically. I love anything that is lacy,” she explained.

Ito added that her favorite was the dress designed by Paul & Joe Sister, and that it is something that she would purchase on the spot. “The uniform collection presented here can be worn by girls of all ages and is basically every girl’s dream,” said Ito.

In addition to Sakurai and Ito, the campaign movie in collaboration with Nogizaka 46 features members Mai Shiraishi and Nanase Nishino. The movie was created by Souta Yamaguchi, Maki Taguchi and Kurando Furuya.