Starting Sept 16, Isetan Shinjuku department store will introduce new customer services based on artificial intelligence. As a part of this project, Isetan teams up with the Japanese company Colorful Board Inc. to make the most of the fashion styling app named “Sensy”. A promotional video of Sensy is currently being aired at Isetan to raise the awareness of customers.

Sensy is a free of charge fashion styling app, which bases its technology on artificial intelligence developed jointly by Keio University and Chiba University. Users will either “like” or “dislike” clothing presented in the app and with this data, the artificial intelligence learns of each of the user’s preferences to style outfits that work for the specific user. Over 2,500 brands are featured in the app as well as a “sense link” function that gathers styling tips from popular models, celebrities and stylists. Any of the items featured on the app can be purchased through Ecommerce websites mentioned within the content.

Isetan’s customer services based on artificial intelligence allow customers to access Sensy using their smartphones or tablet devices available at the store to find and purchase items that meet their personal styles.

“In the near future, we hope to program Sensy into human robots or digital signage to provide customers with new shopping experiences that entail consulting with artificial intelligence,” explained an Isetan rep.

From Sept 16, Sensy will be available for use at the promotional space set up on the first floor of the Isetan Men’s building. Items from over 30 brands and a project with fashion magazine “Sense” will be introduced on the app. On the same day, a project with Spur magazine and Sensy will also begin on the women’s fashion floors of Isetan. Sensy's styling services will become available at Isetan from Oct 28 with the focus of items being sold on the second, sixth and seventh floors of the Men’s building.