Isetan Shinjuku department store is currently holding an event which proposes fashionable lifestyles fused with technology. The event is open until Sept 8. The event gives us an insight into how digital technology will transform and create new values for our lifestyles.

On the second floor of Isetan, Memory Mirror, allowing customers to see visuals of how certain outfits would look on them from a 360-degree angle, is being introduced. This technology was selected as part of the Isetan Challenge for Tokyo’s first Decoded Fashion event held early July. Electroloom, the world’s first 3D fabric printer, as well as other innovative products are also on display.

On the same floor, Japanese fashion brand Anrealage introduces textiles that show their patterns under black light and Somarta, a knitted body suit. Accessories and shoes printed with 3D fabrics are lined up as well.

Each of the products creates new customer experiences and values using digital technology. At the moment, these initiatives are being taken individually by brands and companies, but Isetan predicts a future where technology in fashion will become the new standard.

SoftBank’s robot “Pepper”, which also made an appearance at Decoded Fashion’s hackathon organized by the company and Isetan Mitsukoshi for fashion design students in Japan, presents a fashion styling app named “Sensy” that uses artificial intelligence to select outfits for users.

On Isetan’s sixth floor, Jins Meme smartglasses, which were exhibited during Milano Salone this year, are being showcased. The glasses were designed under the supervision of graphic designer Taku Satoh, creative unit Rhizomatiks and more, and visualize the emotions of the wearer. The item has taken wearable devices to the next level by creating a sensory experience based on the wearer’s perceptions and feelings.

The introduction of technology in the fashion world reassesses the aesthetics of our lifestyles and creates new opportunities for innovation and surprises.