In collaboration with Ifs Future Laboratory, Isetan Shinjuku is holding an event for introducing futuristic gifts. The event is open from Jul 22 to 28 on the first floor of the department store. For the first two days of the event, Japanese female android Aiko Chihira greeted customers and introduced the innovative gift products.

In addition to conventional gift “items”, the event places importance on the gifts of experiences. The catchphrases of the event are “sending exciting traditional gifts”, “sending attractive and innovative gifts” and “sending laughter to everyday life”, which focus on providing joy to both the sender and receiving end.

Under the theme of exciting traditional gifts, Toraya and Ifs Future Laboratory present futuristic yokan, a type of Japanese confectionary made from azuki beans, sugar and agar, named “Suehirogari”. The yokan is available in one-bite sizes and on a stick, which makes it the perfect dessert for handing out at parties. A set of 8 pieces is arranged to look like a Japanese handheld folding fan and is priced at 3,800 yen. Comes in two different color combinations- red and white or green and black.

Japanese jewelry brand “Chimaski” introduces pearl jewelry inside boxes (13,500 yen) filled with white sand and seashells. Among others are chopstick rests (2,000 yen), born from the collaboration between Kutani ware (Japanese porcelain) and Ultraman, and mosquito coils (2,000 yen) designed by fashion brand Mina Perhonen.

As part of the attractive/innovative gifts lineup, DJ and music lover Peter Barakan will select ten songs with the image of the person receiving the gift. The selection will be played on a laser turntable and then burned onto a CD.

Under the theme of sending laughter, an annual pass for enjoying visits to Mori Art Museum, Tokyo City View and Sky Deck is presented at a price of 12,000 yen for two people. The pass allows the receivers of the gift to enjoy art and great views of Tokyo from Roppongi Hills for an entire year. Also, dolls from Bobby Dazzler are in store at a price of 30,000 yen for two dolls under the motto of “wanting the receiver to cherish each of the dolls”.