In commemoration of its 15th anniversary, Japanese accessories brand “Genten” will open a pop-up at Isetan Shinjuku (1F) from May 11 to 19. The event will line-up pre-sale goods, custom-order items and collaboration items with US design studio “House Industries”.

The pop-up focuses on nume leather items, which is what Genten is known for. Tote bags (63,000 yen) and backpacks (from 45,000 yen) made of tanned leather, key chains (5,300 yen), corsages (from 8,200 yen), gadget cases (from 8,000 yen), shoe horns (from 4,800 yen) and more will be pre-sold.

Genten’s iconic Amano Nuova series has been updated by House Industries using geometric patterns and graphics. A tote bag (69,000 yen) whose sides are painted with the special patterns, leather door hangers (5,500 yen) engraved with words such as “Welcome” and “WC”, and a bag resembling a rice sack (23,000 yen) will be available.

Artisans from Genten will come to Isetan Shinjuku during the event period to take orders to create customized items in specified sizes. The simple Tosca series can be ordered in four different colors- yellow brown, brown, red and navy. A new type of shoulder bag can be customized by adjusting the straps and the depth of the bag.

The eco-conscious brand “Glean & Co., Ltd.” from the same group as Genten will also be lined up on the first floor of Isetan Shinjuku. Artsy designs using recycled items such as the lids of milk bottles and emblems are pressed against the insides of pigskin handbags (47,000 yen) so that the shapes of the designs are shown onto the surface. Three-dimensional patterns created with leather adorn the exterior of tote bags (large size: 32,000 yen, small size: 26,000 yen).

The pop-up is a part of Isetan Mitsukoshi’s “Global Green Campaign”. The campaign focuses on the effects of consumer choices on the environment, people, society and the planet. Genten also places importance on coexisting with the environment and aims to create eco-friendly and sustainable products. Genten’s products can be enjoyed over a long period of time, and the appearance of the leather used in the products change through use, which is another charm.