When we come into contact with others, we can’t help but wonder what their facial expressions mean. Are we able to perceive the hidden sadness, feeling of love or the jealousy lingering in the person’s eyes? The same goes for us. No matter how hard we try to be poker-faced, it’s not possible to completely conceal our sentiments. When we get a glimpse of the other person’s thoughts and the kind of person they are, we begin to become very interested in that person.

These are the thoughts that cross our minds, as we visit photographer Nobuyoshi Araki’s exhibit titled “Men - Naked Face by Araki,” currently open at Space O (B3F) of Omotesando Hills. The portraits of male celebrities including Takeshi Kitano, Sadaharu Oh, Yoshio Harada, Tsutomu Yamazaki and Utamaru Katsura to Ryuhei Matsuda, Shota Sometani and Eita reveal the private faces of each depicted persons. The background of the photos is a simple white, to make the observers focus on connecting with the models in the portraits.

The exhibit is held in commemoration of Araki’s series of photos featured in the magazine Da Vinci published by Kadokawa, which was recently compiled into a book.

“The subject in the photo defines the background. All I do is wait with a camera in my hand, for the background to appear,” explained Araki. “If I had taken private shots of the models during the time they had between work, I would've captured the background of where they were. I placed importance on booking time with each model to create ‘private moments between just us two,” he continued.

The photo exhibit is open until May 6. Free admission. The new book (4,930 yen) compiling Araki’s work on the naked faces of men can be purchased at the shop setup next to the exhibit. Other special items such as tote bags and T-shirts are also on sale.