Digital artist group TeamLab will showcase two of their latest pieces at Expo Milano 2015 Japan Pavilion. On exhibit from May 1 to Oct 31.

The theme of this year’s Japan Pavilion is “Harmonious Diversity.” The topic focuses on love for nature and gratitude towards those working in the food production industry. In line with the theme, TeamLab has created two installations centering on hands-on and completely new experiences.

The piece titled “Harmony” comprises multiple circular screens made to look like terraced paddy fields. The screens are place at the height of waistlines and lower and fill up the entire room. A projector hanging from the ceiling transmits images of rice fields swaying in the wind, and carp and small shrimp swimming in the water.

The audience is able to walk between the individual screens and experience the feeling of being inside a rice field. The projected images are susceptible to the movements of the visitors and will change accordingly. The installation walks the audience through the four seasons of Japan, to bring to life, the beauty of Japanese nature.

The piece titled “Diversity” expresses a fast-moving waterfall, which is projected with images of Japanese foods. Visitors can place their smartphones onto a setup device to capture and save the floating images into their phones. The images come with a description, allowing the audience to take home their experiences.

【Exhibit Information】
Expo Milano 2015
Venue: Expo Milano 2015 Japan Pavilion
Dates: May 1 to Oct 31
Hours: 10 am to 11 pm
Admission: 32 euros
Closed: Mondays (Open on May 5), May 7