Avex Group Holdings spent three and a half years to develop the Majotae linen cloth. Fashion items designed using this special cloth were premiered at Isetan Shinjuku Men’s Building starting Mar 25. Popular Japanese brands including Yohji Yamamoto, Mina Perhonen and Keita Maruyama created exclusive items to bring out the charms of Japan’s traditional linen.

Yohji Yamamoto introduces a feminine long blouse (56,000 yen) in a new pattern. Majotae is used for the front tucks of the blouse to bring out the charms of the cloth to the utmost. For men, the brand designed the revived version of the 1987 monotone jacket (120,000 yen) using Majotae. The jacket is styled with the fashionable sarouel pants (60,000 yen) to create a fusion of the old and new. Designer Yohji Yamamoto agreed with Majotae’s concept of communicating traditions into the future, which led to his participation in the project.

From Mame, a tunic (71,000 yen), top (38,000 yen) and dress (75,000 yen) are lined up. The front of the dress is embroidered with lily of the valley motifs, which were also seen throughout the brand’s 2014-15 A/W collection. Mame’s designer Maiko Kurogouchi is known for her design techniques inspired from traditional Japanese methods. Her design style fits well with Majotae’s concept, which led to this collaboration.

Keita Maruyama presents two types of dresses (from 85,000 yen) using Majotae and one type of scarf (33,000 yen). “Linen retains heat, but also maintains coolness. I wanted to use this natural material to create garments that fit well with the wearer’s skin. I designed the shirt dress in hope that the design will become more and more comfortable through wear,” explained designer Keita Maruyama.

Mina Perhonen designed a swaddling cloth (20,000 yen) and a hat (15,000 yen) for newborns. The items are adorned with lace using the brand’s “forest parade” pattern, introducing motifs of birds, plants and flowers. The inside of the swaddle uses the Majotae cloth while the outside uses organic cotton. A dress (65,000 yen) and blouse (38,000 yen) for women, using the forest parade pattern are also in store.

During Apr 1 to 6, the “Majotae- the Cloth that the Japanese have Forgotten About” exhibit is being held on the 7th floor of Isetan Shinjuku. The exhibit introduces the charms of Majotae through items and installations. It also looks into the future of this magical cloth.