Designer Yaz Bukey and Japanese cosmetics brand Shu Uemura hosted a party unveiling their collaboration line “Yaz for Shu”.

Shu Uemura is famous for its collaborations with top artists to create a brand image, which is often linked to pop culture. The collaboration with Yaz Bukey, a jewelry and accessory designer known for her pop and unique designs featuring graphic lips and eyes was a perfect fit for Shu Uemura. The motifs were stamped on 34 beauty items such as: eyeshadow, eyeliner, lipstick, cleansing oil, false lashes and nail polish.

At the party held on Mar 20 during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Tokyo, a performance was staged with characters that represent the four main colors of the collaboration line. The plot was perhaps based on a real story, where Yaz Bukey and her three best friends fall in love with the same man, Shu Shu. For the newly released campaign visuals, Yaz Bukey herself acted out all four characters, but for the presentation during Fashion Week, four different models were appointed.

The four girls in the story have different types of jobs and personalities, as well as different views on the tactics of love, but they are all passionate about beauty and Shu Shu. Smart Lola, who is a British lawyer, is down to earth and intelligent, but rather shy. Her subtle style is represented in green. Romantic Betty coming from California is an actress, charming and always surrounded by friends. She loves to dress up in old Hollywood style and knows how to have fun. Her bright nature is just like the color yellow with a tint of orange.

Daring Tina has creativity in her blood from her Japanese mother, who is an artist and her French father, who is a singer. Her cool mysteriousness matches her theme color blue. Last but not least, the fourth girl is Yaz Bukey's favorite character Sexy Yaz. Being a princess, she is a descendant of the Ottoman Empire and has ancestors that gave the Luxor Obelisk to Napoleon. She is a glamorous accessory designer, who is always the center of attention. As obvious as it is, none other than Yaz Bukey is the inspiration of this character. Sexy Yaz represents a fierce and edgy red just like the deep red lipstick that Yaz Bukey wears as part of her signature look.

The makeup for the show was handled by Shu Uemura’s international artistic director Kakuyasu Uchiide, who brilliantly reproduced each of the characters using the items from the collaboration.

The limited collection is on sale from Mar 21. Like Sexy Yaz, who won Shu Shu’s heart, the “I love my Shu Shu Palette” consists of colors that will knock your love life rivals out of the way. Seven eyeshadow colors in different textures such as metallic, pearl, iridescent and matte are included. Other items worthy of notice are the custom case that can hold two eyeshadow refills or one blush, and cleansing oil.

Yaz Bukey sends a message to women that they should have fun and enjoy playing with different colors that help them create desired looks according to how they feel.