The winners of the 40th Kimura Ihei Award have been revealed.

The award is sent to new photographers each year and was set up in 1975 in honor of the photographer Ihei Kimura. A survey is carried out to select potential candidates and then, the selection committee decides on the winners. This year, the photographers Mitsuaki Iwago, Masato Seto, Ryudai Takano and Yurie Nagashima, as well as Hiroto Sasaki, editor in chief of Asahi Camera, served on the selection committee.

One of this year’s winners is Ryuichi Ishikawa known for “A Grand Polyphony” and “Okinawan Portraits 2010-2012.” Ishikawa is from Okinawa and discovered photography when he was in college. He became an apprentice to Tetsushi Yuzaki in 2010. The following year, Ishikawa participated in the Shomei Tomatsu Digital Photography Workshop. In 2012, he was awarded the 35th New Cosmos of Photography award for Okinawan Portraits.

Another winner for this year is Kotori Kawashima from Tokyo, known for his work titled “Myojo.” He studied under Genki Numata after graduating university. In 2006, he won the 10th Shinpusha/Hirama Itaru Award for his work featuring a young girl as a model, whom he photographed over four years. In 2011, he received the 42nd Kodansha Publishing Culture Award for photography for his work titled “Mirai Chan,” featuring the daughter of a friend living in Sado Island of Niigata Prefecture.

The awards ceremony will be held on Apr 27 at the Bankers Club in Marunouchi, Tokyo, where the winners will be awarded with a certificate, medal and cash reward of 500,000 yen. An exhibit of the awarded works will be showcased at the Konica Minolta Plaza in Shinjuku from Apr 11 to 20.