For the 2015 S/S collection, The Sakaki presents a shirt made to look as if it was made of broadcloth woven with two-ply yarn. But if you look closely, it’s an Oxford shirt.

“It was by chance that I found this high quality fabric. The downside of broadcloth is that it wrinkles easily. With this fabric, I was able to reproduce the good parts of broadcloth and without the wrinkles.”

The theme of the 2015 S/S collection is “challenging the concept of clothing,” and the designs will be presented as part of the experimental line “Of Sakaki.”

“My focus for this season is ‘mass production.’ I want all types of people to wear the designs, and I thought that the best way to do this is by creating a large selection of sizes for a particular design. But when I think about it, this overlaps with the concept of tailor made. Mass production is about making a limited selection of sizes to be worn by as many people as possible. If the selection is limited, it makes work for the factories easier too. I also have an idea to make the waist size of the designs adjustable by nearly 10 cm. So you won’t need a belt, and you can adjust the size after you’ve eaten.”

For now, Sakaki suggested four sizes for one design, but he hopes to make the selection even smaller.

“In one form or another, I’ve always realized the ideas that I thought were really good. Because I enjoy the process, even if I get stuck, I keep on going. And in the end, the answer hits me. Then I start making samples and look for improvement points. It’s an endless cycle.”

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