Designer Kotaro Sakaki of The Sakaki pursues his designs, but does he have an image of the completed design in his mind?

“When it comes to designing something, I don’t think there is a finish line. Even if you think you’ve created something to perfection, you find that later on you want to change something about it. If you don’t see that item ever again, it’s either the designer got bored or there was no demand. Perceptions of what is beautiful or fashionable are different for each person, which is why I want my designs to be useful to those that wear them. I actually don’t think about the fashion aspect anymore. My perceptions of beauty remain with me and are not reflected on my designs. As a designer, my focus is on creating something useful. I leave it up to my customers to make the designs a part of fashion or not.”

As an illustration of this- pockets are introduced on the lower half of the inside of a shawl collar jacket, a coat is designed so that it can be tucked up in the form of gathers, and a mountain parka uses buttons corresponding to the stadium jumper.

“I like wearing sweat suits, not only because they are comfortable. I think for me it’s more like dressing up by wearing sweat suits which is why I want the design to be clean. So instead of using ordinary sweat textiles, I use linen weave. Because the textile is in a weave, it doesn’t stretch. At first glance, I might look like a loser for wearing sweats, but if you look closely, the design is actually quite refined.”

To be continued into Part 5/5.