“Jam Home Made” presents its second project introducing the charms of traditional Japanese crafts.

The new project lines up three sets of pair accessories; the first in collaboration with Edo Kiriko (Japanese cut glass) is a set of rings and jar adorned with Edo Kiriko. The octagonal lattice pattern adorning the pieces symbolizes the “enclosure of happiness” and is a wish sent to the couples sporting the rings.

A pair of mugs that can be stacked and a pair of necklaces is the work of the partnership with Hasami porcelain. This product incorporates a message of happiness for couples with hopes that they will not “break.” The joint effort with Sodeshi pottery presents comma-shaped chopstick rests and necklaces in the same shape. When two of the items are placed together, they form a ring, which represents the relationship of the couple.

The brand’s mission is to become a leading producer of bridal goods, and its collaboration project with Japanese handicrafts is a means of reaching out to new types of customers.