Shiseido, the leading Japanese cosmetics company, announced that Lady Gaga will be the face of the brand’s New Year ad campaign. The campaign features 50 different selfies of Gaga, which will appear separately in 50 daily newspapers across Japan. The striking images will also be introduced on Shiseido’s official website during the New Year holidays.

Shiseido anticipates the future of society to be increasingly more diverse and for consumer behavior to change as well. The company will endeavor to express the diversity of perceptions in beauty and support different views. Shiseido’s strategy named "Vision 2020" focuses on a consumer-based viewpoint and will serve as one of the key concepts for the brand in preparation for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Through her variety of styles, Gaga is one of the most influential stars in the world when it comes to music and fashion. Her intriguing taste in fashion attracts a global audience who adore her as an icon. Through Gaga, Shiseido’s campaign will carry the message of “you should live how you want.” The collaboration between Gaga and Shiseido has just begun, and more projects are planned for the coming year.

Note from our editors added on Dec 30:
Gaga shared her thoughts on this new project via Twitter today.
"I'm so excited to start a makeup revolution in Japan! The 50 Selfies celebrate Haus of Gaga creations & the future of the face w/ @Shiseido!"