Isetan Shinjuku introduces the manga “The Rose of Versailles” and Hanafuda (Japanese playing cards) for its campaign kicking off the New Year. The theme of the latest campaign lasting from Jan 2 to 6 is “Happy Japan.” The store windows will be decorated with the theme until Jan 20.

In search for new styles of Japanese culture to be carried into the future,“Happy Japan” emphasizes the spirituality and happiness felt during the New Year holidays. Love and happiness are the meanings incorporated into the theme.

Manga, an integral part of Japanese culture, and Hanafuda, playing cards illustrated with the beauties of Japan’s four seasons, unite for the campaign, incorporating a wish for happiness in the coming year. To fit with the theme, original Hanafuda cards were created for the campaign, selecting twelve characters from the Rose of Versailles to go with twelve types of wishes relating to health, beauty, success and love.

The card illustrated with the character Oscar accompanied by motifs of peonies and butterflies conveys a wish of “becoming awe-inspiring and beautiful both in mind and body.” Marie Antoinette adorns the cherry blossom card, which expresses a wish of “being blessed with beauty and impeccable taste in fashion.” The card with Japanese irises and Yatsuhashi (eight bridges) depicts Napoleon through a wish for “a bright future through victories and successes.”

“As our customers visit the store, we want them to find the twelve playing cards illustrated with the Rose of Versailles in festivity, to welcome a Happy New Year with the graces of God in the air,” says a rep from Isetan Shinjuku.