On Sept 10, the revamped “MAQuillAGE” makeup brand held a presentation at the Shiseido Ginza Building.

In preparation for a new brand image, Shiseido conducted an attitude survey of women’s approach to makeup. Findings showed that 51% of women in their twenties to thirties saw makeup as a custom of grooming and that 48.3% of the same group wanted to enjoy makeup more and use it as a tool to make them feel excited and happy. Just after the 2008 financial crisis, society overall was feeling down, but now women are feeling more positive and confident.

The new MAQuillAGE brand adds elements of sexiness and gorgeousness to the cute image from before in line with customer demands. Using the keyword “lady,” an image of a glamourous, cool and elegant woman is created.

The “Dramatic Rouge” (no print price) will go on sale on Nov 21 to kick off the start of a new chapter for the brand. Beauty oil created after trying out 130,000 different combinations of ingredients is used for the lipstick to make the texture moist, glossy and smooth.

Kiko Mizuhara who attended the presentation as the brand’s campaign model commented, “I’m almost done being a girl, my next goal is to become an elegant and beautiful ‘lady’ with a playful side.” “The new lipstick prevents the lips from becoming dry, so you don’t need to put any chap stick on beforehand. The color ‘Innocent Glamour’ is a translucent red, which is perfect for daily use,” she added. She fascinated the crowd at the presentation with a blown kiss.

Jun Hasegawa will appear as a new campaign model in ads for the makeup brand starting mid-November. The collection will be sold in nearly 11,000 stores in 9 countries of Asia including Japan, Korea and Singapore.