Isetan Shinjuku Men’s Building, opened in 1968 as the new facility for men, will update its symbolic tartan pattern from the “Black Watch” to the “Black Watch/Isetan Men's.”

The new pattern, designed by Brian Wilton of the Scottish Tartans Authority, will replace the old starting Oct 29. The Japanese color “niiro,” a reddish color with a hint of yellow, is combined with the three colors green, blue and black, which were used in the old pattern as well. The niiro color represents the sun which shines light at the start of each day. The Chinese character “丹,” used in the name of the color and also that of Isetan has the meaning of a “true heart.”

Last fall, Isetan updated its symbolic tartan pattern to the “MacMillan/Isetan,” which was designed from scratch and officially registered with the the Scottish Register of Tartans. The “Black Watch/Isetan Men's” is also originally designed and will be registered likewise.

From Oct 29, a promotional event marking the debut of the “Black Watch/Isetan Men's” and the one-year anniversary of the “MacMillan/Isetan” will be held at the Stage on the first floor of Isetan Shinjuku. Special items such as a tote bag from PORTER, rubber laminated coat from MACKINTOSH, sneakers from HIROSHI TSUBOUCHI and more in the “Black Watch/Isetan Men's” pattern will go on sale.

The shopping bags using the new pattern will be introduced with the Isetan Men's logo for Isetan Shinjuku Men’s Building and Kyoto Isetan Men’s, and the Isetan logo for all other bags used at the men’s departments of Isetan stores.