“RAIN FOREST Eau de Toilette,” the first fragrance from Japanese brand “MIHARAYASUHIRO” in partnership with organic brand “SHIGETA,” will go on sale.

The fragrance has a fresh scent imaged after the Amazon rainforest, which combines the sour scent of passion fruits, lemons and grapefruits, as well as galbanum.

“Rainforests, which support 40% of the oxygen on Earth, have decreased from 14% to 6% of the ground’s surface. Over half of the creatures on our planet live in rainforests. In 40 years, they may all be extinct. Knowing this, it was impossible for me to turn my back on the issue. I’m hoping that through this new fragrance, I can increase awareness of this pressing concern,” explained designer Yasuhiro Mihara.

Priced at 9,000 yen and will be presold at MIHARAYASUHIRO’s directly operated stores from Sept 6. Part of the proceeds will be donated to the afforestation project “Present Tree.”