Nobuyoshi Araki will open the exhibit “Photography for the Afterlife - Journey of Love” at Niigata City Art Museum from Aug 9.

The exhibit is inspired from Ojoyoshu (medieval Buddhist text), which persuades people into reciting prayers to the Buddha for a pleasant afterlife. Araki’s early to current works that depict the “present” state of his life and others’ daily lives will be showcased. With “love” as the keyword, “The Sentimental Journey” (1971), a documentation of the honeymoon with his wife Yoko, and “The Winter Journey” (1991), dated photos of Yoko from the discovery of her uterine cancer to her death, are introduced along with photos of Tokyo, where Araki was born and raised, cats, actresses, flowers and skies.

In addition, “Niigata Elegy” (1988), “Love in Winter” (1998) and “Aisetsu” (2014) will go on exhibit.

Araki, who also handles illustrations and book titles, presents calligraphy and silkscreens as part of the decoration of the Journey of Love exhibit.

The talk event “Araki no Kisou Taidan” with art historian Nobuo Tsuji (at Media Ship Nippo Hall from 2 pm on Sept 7), documentary screenings of photo shoots of nude models and Araki reflecting on Yoko (from Sept 6 to 12) are planned.

【Exhibit Information】
Nobuyoshi Araki “Photography for the Afterlife - Journey of Love”
Venue: Niigata City Art Museum 
Address: 5191-9, Nishiohata-cho, Chuo-ku, Niigata City
Dates: Aug 9 to Oct 5
Hours: 9:30 am to 6 pm (entry by 5:30 pm)
Closed: Aug 18, 25, Sept 1, 8, 16, 24, 29
Admission: general 1,000 yen / high school and university students 800 yen