Eyewear brand “Max Pittion” has added two new models, “Vega” and “Gitane” to its collection.

Both models are based on historic designs of the brand with fusions of original touches. Vega is imaged after the fashion of wandering travelers in cities such as Marrakesh, Morocco. Gitane was designed with the image of free-spirited women dancing to music. Gold plating serves as accents for each.

At the same time, the brand presents new color frames named “Ruby,” “Rocket Blue” and “Nude.” The frames are available for all existing designs. “We pay a lot of attention on the silhouette, lines and hues. The color frames make light and movement more interesting. The color ‘Nude’ is my favorite, it’s natural and sexy. We’ll continue to introduce color frames to define the ‘new’ Max Pittion,” explained designer Tommy OGara. The frames use acetate plates produced by TAKIRON Co., LTD. The acetate is made from natural cellulose and is free of petrochemicals, which makes it environmentally-friendly. It is also strong and produces an elegant texture.

Max Pittion is a longstanding French eyewear brand that marked its name in the 60s and 70s. Last year, creative director John Mayer acquired the manufacturing license for the brand, which went out of business in the 70s, and revived the three models- “Politician” “Shelby” and “Newell.” Mayer serves as the creative director and OGara, who works with many famous brands such as Supreme and visvim, handles design and production.