On Jul 17, “CASA LOEWE Omotesando,” the first store for the brand under the new concept by creative director Jonathan William Anderson, opened its doors. Located at the address: ONE Omotesando 3-5-29 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo.

The new concept is inspired from the brand’s boutique designed by Spanish architect Javier Carvajal Ferrer in the 60s. Anderson has a preference for designs from this age and has created a residence like atmosphere for the latest store.

The store itself serves as the display and does away with window displays. Its facade is very spacious as if to remove the division of the inside and outside of the store. The eaves protruding from above were created paying homage to Loewe Serrano Madrid (1959) designed by Carvajal. His emerald green eaves were reproduced with agate. The store also follows his achievement with chic bronze beams and exterior made with black marble. From the outside, the three large glass pendants are eye catching and give off a soft and mellow light at night. Along with the enormous linen curtains, they generate shade and warmth.

The store consists of three floors from the first basement floor to the second floor above ground. Each floor lines up items from the latest 2015 SS men’s collection as well as bags from the prelaunch capsule collection. The stone staircase, large-size wooden table with raffia and ceramic arrangements, chairs designed by William Morris and other antique furniture associated with the English Arts and Crafts Movement create a fusion of the old, present and future.

Surprising wa (Japanese) elements accentuate the chic space. In commemoration of the opening, potteries from Hamada pottery (Mashiko, Tochigi) are on exhibit. Hamada pottery has a history of three generations, with Shoji Hamada being the first. Shoji was one of the most renowned Japanese potters in the 20th century and once worked with British potter Bernard Leach. Their works are showcased on the wall of the staircase on the first floor, and the third generation Tomoo Hamada’s works TIE and CUBE, which were inspired by Loewe, at the center.

The theme of TIE is “motion.” The piece expresses the newly born anagram curves, the softness of leather and knots which are elements of the brand. The theme of CUBE is “stillness,” imaged after Loewe’s iconic bag Amazona. It was created by applying a reddish brown glaze (Kakiyu) made with crushed stones from Mashiko and using vivid red painting. These two works are available for order.

The opening party held one day prior was attended by gorgeous guests such as Jessica Michibata, Izumi Mori and Youn-a.