“Kunisaki Art Festival” will open from Oct 4 to Nov 30 in Oita prefecture of Japan.

The festival is based on the Kunisaki Art Project, which began in 2012. Under the concept, “Walk and travel the art festival,” it provides a charming experience for tourists.

The festival is comprised of three main parts. The first part dubbed “Site Specific Project,” introduces six projects that are based on the history and culture of Kunisaki. Participating artists are: Yoko Ono (Kakaji Project), Saburo Teshigawara (Nameshi Project), teamLab (Matama Project), Tatsuo Miyajima (Jobutsu Project) and more.

The second part, “Performance Project,” presents performing arts themed after the nature, culture and lifestyles of Kunisaki. List of planned performances: "Tam Kai<Following the Chicken>Kunisaki Version" by Pichet Klunchun, “Dokokara Darekaga” by Saburo Teshigawara and “Irikuchi Deguchi” by Norimizu Ameya, Mariko Asabuki and zAk.

The third, “Residence Project,” explores artworks that were created in Kunisaki. Participating artists include Yosuke Amemiya, Hiraku Suzuki and the late Jitsuzo Hinago. Exhibits of local pottery Onta-Yaki and photos by Yusuke Nishimitsu will also be held.

Also, the special website http://国東現像.jp will continue to be updated in line with the festival. The website publishes information about the activities of artists visiting Kunisaki and the lifestyles of inhabitants.

The “Site Specific Project” and “Residence Project” can be viewed free of charge from 10 am to 5 pm (closed Wednesdays). Performance schedules relating to the “Performance Project” are posted on the official website.

“While visiting Kunisaki, I enjoyed the blooming flowers. I was refreshed and relaxed by the beautiful nature. teamLab’s project for the festival is inspired by this great nature. I hope that the visitors will feel refreshed after attending the festival,” said Toshiyuki Inoko of teamLab at the press conference held in Tokyo on Jul 10.

【Event Information】
Kunisaki Art Festival
Venues: around Bungotakada and Kunisaki cities of Oita, Japan
Dates: Oct 4 to Nov 30