On Jul 2, UNDERCOVER began selling its first designed school bag on the 6th floor of Isetan Shinjuku. The bags were created in collaboration with PORTER.

Jun Takahashi of UNDERCOVER selected the colors, patterns and materials of the bag. Introducing black as the base color, blue is added as an accent to the back (in mesh) and bottom of the bag. The lining is decorated with prints of the bear motif iconic to the brand, and the logo is hot-stamped onto the name holder. On the sides of the design, both UNDERCOVER and PORTER’s brand names are inscribed.

By using PORTER’s nylon fabric as the main material, the bag weighs approx. 1.1 kg, roughly 200 g lighter than standard bags. Water repellent cowhide is introduced on the flap and the bottom of the design. The bag size is measured to fit A4-size files. Priced at 71,280 yen. Limited to 30.

“The children’s wear line by UNDERCOVER is popular, and we’ve been getting customer feedback that they wanted to see more from this line. This March, we lined up rompers and bibs designed by the brand, and they were a big hit. That’s why we asked Mr. Takahashi to take on this project of designing a school bag,” explained a rep from Isetan.

In a month's time, the “Re Style Kids × PORTER” collaboration school bags will also be in stores.