A capsule collection by A BATHING APE (BAPE) and Coca-Cola will go on sale in Japan from Jul 5.

The refreshing and worldwide drink has engaged itself in a number of fashion collaborations recently. Reebok and Isetan Shinjuku to name a few.

Its latest project involves a funny illustration of the APE of BAPE drinking Coca-Cola. The logo of BAPE is also updated with a font that resembles Coca-Cola’s. The collection introduces logo T-shirts (7,000 yen), glasses (2,500 yen) and red G-SHOCKs with special case (23,000 yen). The camouflage BAPE CAMO in red on hooded parkas (24,800 yen) and caps (8,200 yen) are beauties.

Those who spend 25,000 yen or more to purchase items from the collection will receive an originally designed yo-yo.