The event dubbed “Isetan Yukata Selection 2014,” presenting a full lineup of new yukata designs is currently open at Isetan Shinjuku. The catalog of the collection styled by Souta Yamaguchi is also available.

Anrealage presents patchwork yukata with the adoption of right and left alternating panels and sleeves in different patterns and colors. In addition, obis made with materials cut by laser and more are lined up.

The yukata designed by Anrealage intentionally omitted the “ohashori,” the folded part seen in a kimono or yukata for adjusting the length. The designs by the brand come in fitted sizes. Without the ohashori, they can be worn over regular clothes like coats. Available only at Isetan Shinjuku.

Mintdesigns participates in the event for the first time. The brand introduces its signature doll and zigzag patterns. For obis, it presents a unique silver-leaf like design using traditional techniques. By introducing patterns used for the brand’s collections, the yukatas are also suitable for daily use.

New era yukatas, combining traditional dyeing techniques and state-of-the-art materials are also on sale as part of Isetan Mitsukoshi's original lineup. The company introduces rare yukatas using Arimatsu Sekkasibori (tie-dyeing) from Aichi prefecture (58,000 yen) in trendy colors.

Collaboration yukatas created with Shigeko Ikeda, an antique kimono collector, using textiles selected and remade from Ikeda’s archive are also in store. These are the first apparel wear using the synthetic material Waveron. The washable Waveron is thin, light, and absorbent and feels cool against the skin.

“Previously, some people were not comfortable about wearing yukata too casually but recently, more people enjoy wearing yukatas and styling them with clothes or high heels. We want people to wear yukatas on a daily basis as well as on special occasions,” explained the rep.

On the seventh floor of the store, KORI-SHOW, a collaboration project between Souta Yamaguchi and the manufacturers of traditional crafts will open from Jun 25 to Jul 8. Tanabata (The Star Festival) items and more will go on sale.

In addition, a special event will be held at The Stage #1 on the first floor from Jul 9 to 15. Yukatas with traditional patterns from lucien pellat-finet, Undercover and more will be sold. Accessories such as gassai bukuro (pouches) made with original fabrics from Porter will also be available.

On Jul 27, a talk session on how to wear and style yukatas inviting SU from Rip Slyme and his stylist Yoshiro Kawai and other events on dressing and makeup are planned.