On June 13, “Isetan Haneda Store (Men’s) Terminal 2” opened to provide a full lineup of goods, bringing out the best of department stores and select shops. A variety of fashion items including imported and private brands appeals to travelers passing through the airport.

The “Isetan Haneda Store” located at Terminal 1, opened in 2012. At its opening, Isetan predicted that neckties and other accessories would be the high selling items, but in reality, customers bought wear including suits and casual wear. High end items were sold on a constant basis and brought a pleasant surprise to Isetan Mitsukoshi management. Frequent flyers with an interest in fashion, but without the time to go to the Isetan Shinjuku store, became loyal customers.

The new store located in Terminal 2 lines up a large selection of wear in response to such demands. Bestselling items from Isetan Men’s Building in Shinjuku target the many business persons in their thirties using this terminal.

The business zone set up on the right side of the store presents basic suit styles in the colors navy and gray. Seed stitch and jersey jackets, which prevent wrinkles and are suitable for business trips, and cotton pants, that maintain coolness during hot weather are also being sold. For shoes, a large lineup including dressy casual and leather sneakers are available. From TUMI, the prestige line, a high seller at the Isetan Shinjuku store, is being lined up.

The casual zone selects items that can be enjoyed during non-working hours of business trips. Diesel, Margaret Howell and World Cup related items from SOPH are among the lineup. For relax wear, sweat items from V::room and the collaboration line “V::room_NAVY” with Isetan Mitsukoshi are available. A selection of bottoms presents pants styles with lengths that do not need to be altered so that purchasers can wear them right away on trips.

“Travelers who go on business trips several times a month have important positions in their companies and have high interests in fashion items. While these customers are important to us, we also make sure to provide a large price range to attract other types of customers who might want to stop by to purchase gift items. Currently, we’ve lined up many neckties in preparation for Father’s Day,” explained a rep from Isetan Mitsukoshi.