CITIZEN won awards from two categories “Best Entertaining” and “Best Sound” at the international design exhibition Milano Salone held from Apr 8 to 13.

This was the first time for the company to participate in the exhibit, and the awards it received are part of the Milano Design Award Competition, which was first launched 4 years ago. It is the first company to receive more than one award at the same time.

For the exhibit, CITIZEN presented an installation titled “Light is Time.” Using 80,000 main plates, which are the foundation of watches, a visionary space of lights and sound was created. The dynamic piece attracted approx. 50,000 people during the 6 days.

The installation was created by Tsuyoshi Tane, an architect belonging to Dorell.Ghotmeh.Tane Architects in Paris, and CITIZEN’s design team. The piece is based on Tane’s idea of “Light is time. Without light, the concept of time would not have been born.”