On Apr 2, J. Front Retailing, MORI Building, L Real Estate and Sumitomo Corporation announced their plans to open the largest commercial facility in the Ginza area in Mar 2016. The new facility will cover the site of Matsuzakaya Ginza department store, which closed last June, and surrounding areas.

With a total commercial space of approx. 46,000 square meters, the facility will consist of large offices (approx. 6,100 square meters), cultural exchange facility Kanze Nogakudo and more. Under the concept “Life at its Best,” 250 to 300 stores relating to fashion including luxury goods, life, restaurants and cafes will be housed.

Architect Yoshio Taniguchi will supervise the overall design plan with Kajima Design and Yoshio Taniguchi and Associates as the “Ginza 6-Chome Area Urban Renewal Project Team” to carry out the actual designing. The exterior of the 115 m space facing Chuo-dori will be designed in line with the rest of the Ginza area. The fourth floor stairwell will bring in natural lighting to create a space of comfort.

The facility will provide a safe environment for pedestrians including an underground passage directly connected to the Ginza subway station, passages for both automobiles and pedestrians which are open 24/7 and a pedestrian walkway connecting Chuo-dori and Mihara-dori. Resistant to earthquakes, and furnishings of emergency power generators. In order to respond to commuters unable to get home in the case of a disaster, the Kanze Nogakudo will be utilized as temporary accommodations. Air conditioners and rainwater tank will be set up for the local community using state-of-the-art technology. In addition, it will introduce an energy conservation system to reduce the thermal load of the facility as well as control global warming.