Cosmetics brand “Benefique” from Shiseido will introduce its latest skincare line on May 21. A presentation of the lineup was held on Feb 25 at Sumida Aquarium of Tokyo Skytree Town.

At the presentation, campaign model Yuri Ebihara appeared for a talk event wearing a white lace dress. In line with the brand concept “Love Myself More Than 10 Years Ago,” she said, “I’m definitely happy with how I spend my days compared to ten years ago. I love myself more than I did back then.” “I like to take long baths and enjoy aromatherapy. I make sure I have a moment of relaxation at the end of each day. I also try to eat seasonal ingredients to make sure that my body is happy as well,” she added regarding how she maintains her beauty.

The new skincare line focuses on meeting the needs of customers in their 30s to 40s who want to tackle aging skin. An original beauty method focuses on skin moisture and temperatures. By creating thermal gaps for the skin, the method allows for beauty ingredients to soak into the skin.

A total of 14 types and 6 products such as Hot Cleansing (4,000 yen), which becomes hot in reaction to moisture of the skin and air, as well as different types of Lotion (5,500 yen) and Emulsion (6,500 yen) for varying skin conditions and preferences will be available (all prices excluding tax).

The presentation was held as part of a collaboration project between Shiseido and Sumida Aquarium. The two will continue to plan events together at the aquarium for general visitors and also set-up a powder room.