This year, Mitsukoshi celebrates 110 years since it became the first department store in Japan. In commemoration of the special anniversary, the store will renew the design of its shopping bags from Apr 1.

The design of the new bag was created by living national treasure Kunihiko Moriguchi, an artist of Yuzen dyes. His father was also a living national treasure for the same profession. Mitsukoshi started off as a seller of kimonos and returns to its roots by focusing on Japanese dyes and textiles. In order to bring in a Yuzen feel, Mitsukoshi asked Moriguchi, whose study of graphic design in Paris influenced his style of creating original designs defying the stereotypes of Yuzen, to design the bag.

The selected design is titled “Minori,” expressing plenty of apples with geometric patterns, which was originally designed as the textile of a kimono. The bold pattern designed by Moriguchi fit with Mitsukoshi's concept.

In line with the renewal of the shopping bags, Mitsukoshi will also line up collaboration items with popular brands using the Minori pattern.

The current pattern “Hanahiraku” (flowers bloom) was designed by painter Genichiro Inokuma and will still continue to be used.