On Feb 15, Yuzuru Hanyu made history at Sochi Winter Olympics by winning Japan’s first Olympic gold medal for men’s figure skating. To celebrate, a Twitter user posted an illustration of Hanyu in a style of the popular “Jojo's Bizarre Adventure” manga artist Hirohiko Araki.

With the Jojo-esque portrait, TAKUMI, a “Weekly Shonen Jump” (Shueisha) Newcomer Award winner tweeted, “Congrats on the Gold Medal! Drew Hanyu like Araki sensei.”

It’s not just the touch, but Hanyu is fully arranged into the world of Jojo from the details of his costume, the pose, to even that world-famed yellow bear that Hanyu loves. By Feb 18, Hanyu-Jojo was retweeted over 40 thousand times with loads of laud. And it is no surprise that it continues to attract attention.

Later on, a different user portrayed Hanyu in a style imaged after the popular game “Danganponpa,” which also skyrocketed in views. The slim, “two-dimensional” look of Hanyu must be striking a chord with creators.