On the International Creator’s floor of Isetan Shinjuku Men’s Building (2F), key items representing the 2014 SS season are lined up. SOPHNET., N.HOOLYWOOD and White Mountaineering are featured.

SOPHNET. lines up a colorful sweater (19,950 yen) and knit hat (6,300 yen), camouflage patterned pants (37,800 yen) and shirt (25,200 yen), tailored jacket (60,900 yen) with camouflage patterns on the sides and more. The recommended style is combining a colorful sweater with camouflage items.

The seasonal theme for N.HOOLYWOOD is “western,” and the collection expresses the life of actor William S. Hart. The popular low-gauge sweater (23,100 yen) is lined up this year as well. Stadium jumper made with punched leather (110,250 yen), shirt with studs on its collar (22,050 yen), button-down shirt with pearl buttons (24,150 yen), side-gore boots (57,750 yen) with diagonal cutting on the heels and other country taste styles are in store.

The set-up of denim jacket (52,500 yen) and pants (21,000 yen) will be lined up as standard items from now on with minor changes each season.

White Mountaineering lines up jersey pants (28,250 yen), bandana patterned shirt (29,400 yen) and other relaxed and casual styles suitable for travel. The brand is known for its graphics, but this season it lines up botanical patterns. Collaborated slip-ons (38,850 yen) with shoes brands KIDS LOVE GAITE and backpacks (23,100 yen) are also available.

Focusing on unique materials and functionality, the brand lines up a shirt (42,000 yen) made of French twill, a material normally used for dresses, and Gore-Tex vest (48,300 yen). The brand is popular amongst men in their twenties and thirties but the designs, materials and functionality are also attracting those in their fifties.